Hello everyone! A lot's been going on in the world of I/O, so let's just jump right in.

The first bit of news is that our liquor license is fully approved by the city! We made it through the final steps with the help of many of you writing in and/or speaking directly to the powers that be, and couldn't be more grateful. Now all that's left is to build out the space, which I have more information on below.

Before getting to that, however, some exciting news about our game selection: We've partnered with Madison Pinball to carry a selection of their games, including nearly a dozen pinball machines, Pacman: Battle Royale, and Killer Queen! We know these are games with a strong community behind them and it's our goal to continue to build and strengthen those ties so everyone can enjoy these games.

On finishing the space, the work started weeks ago and we're there every day to finish up our designs. However, due to a few different factors, our initial buildout date got pushed back. What was supposed to start May 1st is now projected for early June, which means that our goal to open has been pushed back a few weeks. Renovating and furnishing the space is the only part of the project left to complete, and our designs are well underway, but we have to push our projected opening date back into the summer. We appreciate your patience and understanding as all of these moving parts come together.